Being Married to an Investor

I’d like to share with you the perspective of someone who is married to a real estate investor. That person is my wife. She is a professor, doing some interesting research on ethnic and racial disparities in different sectors of society, such as education and health equity, economics, housing and transportation. That’s her full-time job. She’s also involved in our kids’ school and our local congregation and that takes up all of the time in her day.

She really is a superstar and a great mother. I recently asked her how is it to be married to a real estate investor. Here’s her unique perspective.

It’s An Adventure

It’s like an adventure with discoveries that happen frequently and almost like a news feed where things are happening pretty quickly. A real estate investor is what John is, but also his own personality, drive, and ambition, have kicked it into overdrive. He has a high-energy personality. Being married to him as a real estate investor, there is a lot more breaking news and things happening. That is him, as opposed to a real estate investor, which is what they may also be like.

I think I am there to support and fill in the gaps to give advice where he is looking for advice. I also think he’s very intelligent and savvy about business, so I’m not overly involved in finding deals and renovations. I do like hear about new and exciting deals. I sometimes make cosmetic recommendations and go through the houses when they’re fully renovated. I probably have a tertiary role, but definitely am here when he needs me.

In general, we’ve also been able to be more strategic in the vision we have for our own personal finances, which has been really good. More planning has come in tandem with the start of the business. I’ve seen more cash flow, which is always great if you are able to do more of the things that you hope for your family and kids. I think seeing him be successful and adventuring out as a young entrepreneur is a benefit as well.

I think one of the main challenges is that the effort and time that goes into being successful in the business is a balancing act when you’re raising a family. We have young kids and are pretty active in the community. Balancing those has been challenging at times, but I think we’ve tried to work it out and it’s working. However, thanks to real estate investing, we have been having a few good trips as a family, family vacations, and other things.

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