Interview With a 7 Year Old Investor in the Making

Today, I want to interview what may be the youngest investor we have ever experienced in the United States. This is a 7 year old whose dad is a real estate investor.
John: What is your name?
Kid Investor: JC Crutchfield.
John: That sounds like a familiar name, where did you get it from?
Kid: It is my dad’s nickname.
John: Your dad? What’s his name?
Kid: John Crutchfield.
John: That’s me! I’m so glad you came on the show. How old are you?
Kid: Seven.
John: What grade are you in?
Kid: Second
John: That’s pretty amazing to say you’re in second grade and that we have already had some conversations about investing. That is why I wanted you to come on my podcast. What do you want to do when you grow up?
Kid: I want to be a zookeeper.
John: What types of things do zookeepers do?
Kid: Feed the animals and take care of them.
John: That’s awesome! Tell me how your zoo is going to be set up, who is going to work there, and how all of that works.
Kid: I’m going to own it and hire people.
John: Why would you hire somebody to work at the zoo? I thought you were just going to be a zookeeper.
Kid: I would do that so I could spend more time with my family.
John: That’s a very interesting thought. Have you ever seen your dad hiring people to work for him?
Kid: I’ve seen people working for him.
John: What were they doing?
Kid: They were doing rental house work.
John: I wonder why your dad has rental houses. Have you ever thought about that?
Kid: He has them to get more money.
John: Is he really doing it for the money?
Kid: Yes!
John: What do you think about that?
Kid: I think we do it for the money so we can then take care of our family.
John: I think that you are thinking in the right line. Real estate does help provide a life for our family where we can go on vacations and do things like go fishing.
Kid: It also helps afford college.
John: Exactly! You have some great thoughts JC. I just have a few more questions for you because you are such a great young man already. Can you tell me whether you want to be wealthy when you grow up?
Kid: Yes, if I can.
John: If you can, what are some of the types of things you would do to become wealthy?
Kid: I would hire people and be willing to take chances.
John: Those are very interesting thoughts. I’m pretty sure your zoo is going to be extraordinary and I thank you for coming on my podcast.

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