When One Thing After Another Happens in Real Estate

Sometimes, one thing after the other seems to happen when you are in the real estate business. You sometimes have trouble catching up when these things happen.

When One Thing After Another is Bad

You will sometimes have problems finding deals.

You may talk to a seller, agent, or someone else over and over and think you have a deal, yet it falls through.

Maybe the title is bad. Maybe the seller was not serious about selling. Maybe the house had major issues that were not worth fixing and buying the property for.

However, you eventually do find a good deal.

Then, it’s one thing after another all over again.

You need insurance. You need your HUD statement ready. You need to open up escrow. You need to find an attorney. You need to keep your seller informed on what is happening so you don’t lose the deal. Lastly, you have to find the money for the deal.

However, you eventually close on the property.

Then, it’s one thing after another all over again.

You have contractors that are never on time or they do something poorly. Maybe they find it difficult to stay on the job. Maybe they have other jobs besides yours, causing them to neglect yours. Maybe you pay them and they don’t do the work.

Maybe things just don’t go according to plan and all of this makes you want to quit. Maybe the bank tells you they will agree to a deal but later change their mind. Maybe a funder tells you they will invest in your project but then they change their mind. Maybe something happens with your credit.

It’s just one thing about another. Maybe there’s multiple buyers trying to get the same property. Maybe there’s a property that everyone wants or nobody wants. Maybe you are dealing with shady wholesalers who don’t care if you don’t make any money back. It can seem like one thing after another.

In my real estate business, some days it’s just one thing after another.

It really is one thing after another. One bad tenant after another bad tenant. One missed payment after another missed payment. One bad contractor after another bad contractor.


When One Thing After Another is Good

In between all of those one after anothers, there is an incredible opportunity to increase your family’s wealth.

You get one rental check payment after another, increasing what you have in your bank account.

One thing after another also includes tax depreciation, which you can write off against the rental income you make. This happens one time after another. Every property in your portfolio can go through some sort of appreciation, growing in value…one time after another. Also, as you can add properties to your portfolio, increasing the operating cash flow of your business…one month after the other.

When I look at my business, it’s not just one bad thing another, but also one great thing after another. In fact, there are more great things than bad things. You have to be aware that those bad things can try to steal your attention away from all of the great things happening for your business.

I’ve met great funders, bankers, insurance agents, tenants, contractors, and lots of other people who have helped me learn something about myself and help me make more money investing in real estate.

If you buy right, you increase your operating cash flow and net cash flow. You want money left over to put into your business and pocket

Yes, you can focus on the bad one thing after another, but you can just as well focus on the great one thing after another. This is what makes real estate investing so rewarding.

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